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After much anticipation, Fronius have now confirmed the compatibility of their Symo 5 Hybrid inverters with LG Chem Batteries. The system will comprise the inverter, Fronius Smart Meter, battery and Fronius Checkbox. There are already a number of pilot systems deployed around Australia and the Checkboxes are now available through Fronius distributors.

Why the Check Box?

The Fronius Checkbox is a protection box designed to measure the voltage and disjoin the battery if the voltage exceeds the 500V limit of the current LG Chem batteries, as the Symo Hybrid is rated to 1000V. This is an unlikely situation but protection is still required.

Installing a Fronius Symo Hybrid & LG Chem System

In order to get the system operating, it’s critical that both the LG Chem and Symo Hybrid have the most up-to-date software. This may be a two-step update and you should be aware of the process before going ahead with the install.

You can find the process here: Symo Hybrid Software Update Process

The circuit diagram here:  Circuit Diagram Fronius Symo Hybrid and LG Chem

And the relevant Manuals here:

As always, Fronius Tech Support will be available to answer your questions, but the best way is to be across the process before you get to site.