Q CELLS Battery Systems

First opening their doors in 1999, Q CELLS has made themselves a reputation for being one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality photovoltaic cells. With headquarters located in Germany and South Korea and support and manufacturing facilities located all across the world. Q CELLS have been able to expand quickly thanks to the quality and durability of the products they produce.

This quality extends beyond just their solar panels, because Q CELLS have branched out from photovoltaic cells into solar inverters and solar energy storage systems with the Q.HOME. The Q.HOME is Australia’s first full storage system, with an integrated lithium-ion battery, battery management system and solar inverter.

The Q.HOME, when combined with Q CELLS solar panels, represents the only complete solar energy system currently available on the solar market. A solar energy system built entirely from components from a single manufacturer. This means that end users only have to deal with a single contact point, which is made even easier by Q CELLS’ Australian support office.

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