Growatt Inverters

After opening their doors in 2010, Growatt very rapidly established themselves as one of the world’s most popular Chinese inverter manufacturers. They’ve quickly and confidently proven their quality and reliability since their founding, expanding worldwide at a blistering pace. They now have branch offices in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, the Netherlands, the US, the UK and more.

These branch offices allow users of Growatt inverters to circumvent one of the most common problems Australians experience with international solar energy system manufacturers. Difficulty accessing support or making warranty claims. Meanwhile, Growatt’s Melbourne branch office and Sydney support office make these issues a non-concern.

Established with a mission to continually develop and iterate upon the past and improve solar technology around the world, Growatt solar inverters have proven themselves time and time again. Making them an affordable, efficient, and powerful option for anyone looking to go solar.

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