Enphase S Series


Micro-inverters are a game changer. The Enphase S Series micro-inverter delivers increased energy harvest and reduces design and installation complexity with its all AC approach. With the Enphase micro-inverter concept, you’re not bound by the traditional limitations of string inverters

Shading or complex roofs – this is solar for you

Few will argue that when shading conditions are present, there’s no better option for high yields. Independent tests have shown that when there is shading on a system, you can comfortably expect over 15 percent more yield with this technology. Micro-inverters also limit damage to panels that can occur from partial shading on arrays, where normally panels that are consistently shaded can be more prone to cracking and hot spots. Micro-inverters also enable you to have panels facing different directions, maximising every bit of roof space that you have. With string inverters, it can sometimes be challenging to achieve good design, settling for a system that is designed with compromises. Micro-inverters do away with these compromises and get the best of all roofs, even challenging ones, and make solar viable where string inverters could not be used.

Panels can face multiple orientations and different modules can be incorporated. If one panel is shaded or degrades quicker, the other panels will not be brought down. The Enphase micro-inverter concept further simplifies installation, enhances safety, and saves on labor and materials costs.