Fronius Gen 24 8.0 Plus

  • The integrated basic backup power supply is a power socket supplied that continues to receive enough power to supply up to 3 kW in the case of a power outage.
  • The backup power solution works in tandem with energy storage systems to provide for both 1 and 3 phase loads, such as heat pumps or air conditioning, whenever there is sufficient energy available.
  • With active cooling technology, the Fronius GEN24 Plus offers greater flexibility both design and installation. In addition, lower costs are incurred during operation due to there being very little need for maintenance. On top of this, the active cooling system provides a greatly improved system lifespan and yield production.
  • Simple installation & service.
  • Upgrades possible at any time.
  • With the new Solar.start app, it takes as little as two minutes to configure your device.

A versatile and powerful inverter, Fronius’s new hybrid inverter, the Fronius Gen 24 comes with integrated backup power. This means that even if you do not integrate a battery into your system from the get-go, the Fronius Gen 24 will still be able to provide backup power in emergency situations. Offering one of the most flexible solutions available on the market today, whether it is being utilised for photovoltaic, storage, back up, heating or e-mobility, the Fronius Gen 24 provides the highest supply reliability out there.

The Fronius Gen 24 8.0 Plus is the 8 kW variant of the Gen 24, the mid point of the range, and represents a powerful and adaptable solution, perfect for those wanting to make the most of solar energy.