The three-phase inverter of the SnapINverter range, the Symo has a large class range, 3kW all the way to 20kW. It’s suitable for three-phase applications both residential and commercial. Shown here is the 3.7-3-M model of the Symo range, one of the smallest models available.

A three-phase pioneer, the Symo was one of the debut models of the SnapINverter range. Australia has a strong demand for three-phase inverters, and coming from a premium range from a respected manufacturer, the demand for the Symo has been great ever since its release. 

As expected from the SnapINverter range, high efficiency come as standard, with the Symo sporting a maximum efficiency of 98.1%. These efficiency levels, combined with leading MPPT algorithm’s, developed with Fronius’ years of experience, result in an inverter capable of extracting more kWh per kW than almost anything else on the market. 

The system’s Dynamic Peak Manager also allows it to compensate for shaded environments and reduces lost efficiency levels due to low sunlight levels. The Symo’s reliability, as well as it’s high levels of efficiency, and the fact that Fronius has an Australian-based service network makes the Symo the perfect choice for grid-fringe properties, where reliability from your solar PV system is a must.

The Fronius range is changing how we think about solar, and the Symo is no different. With easy connection to the free monitoring platform, Solar.web, it allows you to monitor your system’s energy production, to better learn to optimise your energy usage. You can even get your system battery-ready with the inclusion of a Fronius Smart Meter, which will allow the Solar.web to also show your home’s consumption rates in real-time, which is vital data when you’re considering a solar battery for your home.