Growatt 33000TL3-S-three phase

The Growatt 33,000-TL3-S  is one of the variants of the TL3-S series, and is the ideal choice for commercial rooftops and small distribution projects. User friendly, and offering high yields with safety, and reliability, it is the premier choice for larger-scale projects.

Growatt has made a name for themselves as an innovative, global solar company ever since their inception in 2010. They have exhibited a keen focus upon their clients, and aim to continually innovate renewable technologies around the world.

User Friendly

  • Wirebox allows for an easy connection.
  • Online smart monitoring services.
  • WIFI, RF and RS485 communications available.
  • System supports export limitation.

High Yields

  • Maximum efficiency of 98.7%.
  • Wide working voltage range.
  • Anti-PID function integrated by default.

Safe and Reliable

  • Leading IPM and thin-film design, making it one of the most reliable inverters on the market.
  • String monitoring and fuse protection.
  • DC/AC Type II SPD.
  • IP65 protection rating.