Growatt 5000TL3-S-three phase

The Growatt 5000TL3-S-three-phase is a premiere inverter that makes for the ideal solar solution for homes and businesses.

Growatt is a leading-edge solar company that has been focused heavily upon innovation since their inception in 2010, and have expanded their operations all around the world. They have a people-oriented and client-focused spirit, and continue to integrate global resources, and aim to continually advance solar and renewable technologies around the world.


  • DC input voltage up to 800V.
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.9%.
  • Internal DC switch.
  • Transformerless, compact design.
  • Multi MPP controller.
  • MTL – String.
  • Bluetooth / RF technology / Wi-Fi.Sound control.
  • Easy installation.
  • Comprehensive Growatt Warranty program.