Growatt 8000MTL-S Dual MPPT

The Growatt 8000 MTL-S range of inverters represent the leading of high-efficiency large scale inverters. If you want the very best for your home or small business, there is no better choice for an inverter than this.

Growatt is one of the top global solar companies. Since their inception in 2010, they have been heavily focused on innovation as they expanded their operations all around the world. They operate with a true client and people-focused spirit, as they aim to continue to advance solar and renewable technologies around the world.


  • Maximum DC Voltage up to 1000V.
  • Maximum efficiency of 98.4%
  • Compact, fanless design with natural cooling capabilities.
  • Multi MPP controller.
  • Maximum DC/AC ratio as high as 1.2.
  • Long-term overload at 1.1 Pn.
  • High power density while offering a light and easy installation.
  • Flexible communication connection supports RF, WiFi and Ethernet connections.
  • Comprehensive Growatt Warranty program.

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