The HUAWEI SUN2000-KTL-M0 series provides one of the best experiences available for three phase solar inverters and is available in sizes from 5 kW to 20 kW, making it the perfect choice for large scale residential, or small scale commercial installations. Presented here is the 12 kW model, one of the upper end of the range.

Features of the Huawei SUN2000-KTL-M0

Enhanced Performance

The Huawei SUN2000-KTL-M0 offers some of the highest levels of efficiency on the market, boasting an impressive 98.65% efficiency rating, providing more power, more efficiently, for your home.


Leaves, shading, soiling and dropping on the system are the four main factors that cause loss of efficiency in a solar PV system. When one panel is affected by these issues, it compromises the entire system. Optimisers help to fix this, a system with optimisers can isolate panels, so that only their performance is reduced, rather than that of the entire system.


Huawei SUN2000-KTL-M0’s come with battery storage plug and play capabilities. This allows a battery to be added to the system in the future with no additional devices needed, or additional retrofit costs.


Huawei SUN2000-KTL-M0’s comes with an integrated PID recovery feature included, which reduces output losses by as much as 70%, ensuring the system’s long term performance.

Perfect Safety

Huawei SUN2000-KTL-M0’s have the risk of DC arcing removed by the included AI-powered Arc Fault Circuit interrupter (AFCI). They also detect faults more accurately in order to avoid false alarms and are able to automatically shut down in as little as 2 seconds in the rare instance that a fault does occur.


Operating at only 29dB, which is as quiet as a library, Huawei SUN2000-KTL-M0’s are some of the most quiet inverters on the market.