The JinkoSolar Tiger N-type comes from a respected and experienced panel manufacturer, you can happily put your faith in any panel from JinkoSolar. JinkoSolar is one of the world’s top three largest panel manufacturers and was the first Chinese manufacturer to gain the Q+ certification, a testament to their dedication to quality and safety in all their products. If you want high-quality, reliable panels, look no further.



JinkoSolar first opened their doors way back in 2006, and since then they have rapidly established themselves as one of the best-known names in solar modules. One of the world’s largest solar module manufacturers, they’re active in 23 countries, with over 15,000 employees; their high-quality, reliable modules saw them experience rapid expansion since their creation. We offer a number of JinkoSolar panels and all experience high levels of demand due to their power and adaptability making them suitable for almost any system.

JinkoSolar put all products they produce through extremely rigorous safety testing. For more than half a decade they haven’t had a single panel score anything less than top marks. For this reason, their panels are often chosen for use in premium installations, even if they don’t have a premium price tag. If you want a panel that enjoys excellent efficiency, reliability, and long-lasting performance, look no further.

JinkoSolar Tiger N-Type

Finally available in Australia, the JinkoSolar Tiger series is one of the most efficient panel ranges on the market today, and the N-Type is the most efficient of the bunch.

With efficiency levels as high as 21.54% it is one of the highest efficiency 370 W panels available on the market today. This extreme level of efficiency allows you to fit more powerful systems on smaller rooftops and allows you to go all out and make the absolute most of a larger rooftop by fitting more panels on it.

This high level of efficiency is due to the systems’ different cell composition, referred to as N-type layered mono-crystalline cells. Which allows for more sunlight to be utilised by the panel, in addition to giving it a sleek, all-black look that looks great on your rooftop.

Not only that, but the N-Type enjoys extremely high levels of durability, as well as extremely low levels of oxygen-induced degradation, resulting in a powerful, durable panel that will provide you with the best in solar for many years to come.