Produced by Q CELLS, one of the world’s greatest solar module manufacturers in their fully automated South-Korean facilities, the Q.MAXX panel is one of the highest quality solar modules on the market. Built to last in all conditions, and at the highest levels of performance, there are few better modules out there than Q CELLS’ Q.MAXX.

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Founded in 1999 and beginning operation in Australia in 2009, Q CELLS is one of the most recognisable names in solar technology, and with good reason. They continually innovate upon their systems, while focusing on the challenges unique to each nation. In Australia, they also have something many manufacturers lack, a comprehensive service network, ensuring no Q CELLS customer is ever left in the dark.


  • Innovative all-weather technology
  • Enduring high performance
  • Inclusive 12-year product warranty
  • 25-year linear performance warranty
  • High-tech aluminium alloy frame
  • Certified against high snow (5400 Pa)
  • Certified against heavy winds (4000 Pa)
  • Cutting edge cell separation technology and innovative wiring solutions with Q.ANTUM technology