Say hello to the Q.MAXX-G2, a premium solar panel from Hanwha Q CELLS, one of the most renowned solar panel manufacturers worldwide.¬† They’ve been continually improving upon their systems and modules since they first opened their doors in 1999, and the Q.MAXX-G2 is the latest result of this iteration and innovation.

Utilising cutting edge cell separation technology, and innovative wiring solutions, the Q.MAXX series offers some of the very best in yield per surface area and efficiency levels. Durable, long-lasting, efficient, and equipped to deal with everything from high winds and snow, to low light or extreme temperature conditions. The Q-MAXX G-2 is one of the best options available for those looking for premium solar modules.

Q CELLS Q.MAXX-G2 Datasheet

Q CELLS Q.MAXX-G2 Warranty Information


Q.MAXX-G2 Features

  • Automated Production in Q CELLS’ state-of-the-art Chinese facility, ensuring an incredibly low chance of defects
  • Innovative all-weather technology promises optimal yields, even in low light or extreme temperature situations
  • Extreme weather rating, certified for wind loads as high as 4000 Pa and snow as high as 5400 Pa
  • Reliable investment thanks to an inclusive 15 -year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty
  • State of the art module technology, Q.ANTUM MAXX combines innovative writing and cutting edge cell separation technology with Q.ANTUM technology
  • Q.ANTUM technology provides low levelised production costs