Moving a step beyond the solar modules that came before it, the Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO ML-G9+ utilises Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology to the fullest with zero gap cell layouts in order to boost efficiency levels all the way up to 21.1%. These fantastic panels come backed by Q.CELLS’ reputation for producing durable, powerful and adaptable solar modules, you can be confident that the Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO ML-G9+ is one of the most advanced modules on the market.

Q CELLS first opened the doors of their Australian offices in 2009 and since then, they’ve made a name for themselves in the Great Southern Land by designing solar modules perfect for the variety of harsh climates that Australia has on offer. They have fantastic local support available for Australian consumers, and with this they have successfully eliminated many challenges Australian consumers must suffer through when working with international manufacturers by ensuring that they can support you every step of the way.


  • Efficiency levels as high as 21.1%
  • Durable aluminum frame, certified for all types of weather, from high snow (6000Pa) to high wind (4000Pa)
  • High yield-per-surface-area
  • Low levelised costs of production
  • 25-year inclusive product warranty
  • 25-year linear performance warranty
  • Long-term yield security
  • Anti-LID technology
  • Anti-PID technology
  • Hot-Spot Protect
  • Traceability Quality Tra.Q™
  • Innovative all-weather technology
  • Optimal efficiency even in low-light conditions
  • Low BOS costs