SunPower P3 370 W Black Shingle

The SunPower P3 370 W black panels are far more than just a pretty face. That’s not to say they aren’t pretty, with a sleek-all black design that will look fantastic on any rooftop for years to come. But there’s much more to them than that.


Combining uniquely designed front contact cells with SunPower’s decades of solar manufacturing expertise, these panels are incredibly reliable.

The addition of a number of carefully selected and in some case proprietary technologies only adds to this astonishing reliability. These include smaller cells to increase efficiency and reduce temperatures, proprietary encapsulants, reducing the impact of environmental exposure, and redundant cell connections, allowing for a flexible flow of energy.

On top of that, their unique shingled design improves the reliability, efficiency and aesthetics of the panels, presenting the very best in cell connection technology.

Sounds like a lot right? Well that’s not all, delivering up to 7% more energy over their lifespan compared to panels of the same wattage, these panels are fantastically durable. If you want a panel that is going to support your home and provide savings for the full 25 years of its warranted lifespan, then look no further.