SunPower P3 415W Commercial EVO Shingle

Designed specifically for the commercial market, the SunPower P3 Commercial panels make use of SunPower’s 30+ years of solar experience and manufacturing expertise to produce a fantastic panel which overcomes many of the weak points of conventional solar panel design.


These panels come equipped with a unique parallel circuitry design, which maximises energy productions during morning and evening by reducing both row-to-row shading, and panel soiling production loss. This results in the panel generating upwards of 27% more energy than other commercial panels over the course of its lifespan.

Combine these excellent levels of efficiency with the panel’s innovative cell shingling design, which goes a long way in reducing the impact of many of the most common causes of panel efficiency degradation while also improving both efficiency and aesthetics.

They also are equipped with robust, flexible cell connection technology, as well as unique electrical bussing which reduces panel temperature, and many other unique features designed specifically to improve the panels performance in the commercial field.

SunPower believe in their panels, and are proud to back them with an excellent 25-yr SunPower Complete Confidence warranty.