Sunpower P3 UPP 480 W Shingled

A panel uniquely engineered to meet the specific demands of large-scale solar power plants, the Performance 3 UPP panel offers high levels of power efficiency, excellent durability, and low system costs.


The system exposes more active surface area across more monocrystalline cells than other panels. It accomplishes this thanks to the unique multi-busbar design utilised in Sunpower panels, as well as their expertly engineered half-cut cell design.

The panels incorporate a number of unique features, each garnered from Sunpowers decades of solar energy experience, to further improve upon an already excellent design:

Small cells stay cooler, even when shaded, resulting in a longer panel lifespan.
Shingled design results in more active energy generation space being exposed to the sun while also improving reliability.
Degradation from environmental exposure is minimised with a proprietary encapsulant.
The inclusion of additional, redundant cell connections allow for flexible paths for continuous electricity flow, avoiding any bottlenecking or obstruction should panel damage occur.
Daily temperature swings and their effects are reduced by conductive adhesive.

Every SunPower P3 UPP panel is backed by SunPower’s Performance UPP panel warranty, which extends for a full 25 years.