• Fronius 5-year extended warranty

    Fronius is offering an additional 5-year extended warranty on the inverter range. That's 10 years' peace of mind!

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  • JinkoSolar #1 choice in Australia

    A global leader in the solar PV industry, JinkoSolar was awarded the “Top Brand PV” seal in the Australian, German, and Austrian markets by EuPD Research, Europe’s leading sustainability research firm.

SG Wholesale is a wholly Australian-owned and operated supplier of solar components, including solar PV panels, solar PV inverters, batteries and BOS. Our focus is on supplying quality components at the best possible value. Come and see a huge range of Solar PV Products at our warehouse.



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Fronius Symo LG Chem Checlkbox Combo

Installing a Fronius Symo Hybrid and LG Chem Battery System

After much anticipation, Fronius have now confirmed the compatibility of their Symo 5 Hybrid inverters with LG Chem Batteries. The system will comprise of the inverter, Fronius Smart Meter, battery and Fronius Checkbox.

Fronius GEN24: Ugly Duckling or the Next Best Thing?

Fronius have finally given us a sneak peek of their single-phase hybrid inverter at Inter-Solar 2018. It will be launched globally in October…