JinkoSolar Solar Panels

Entering the market in 2006, JinkoSolar quickly made itself one of the best known and most respected Chinese PV module manufacturers active in the market today. With 24 sales offices across 23 countries, they are one of the three largest PV manufacturers active in the world’s solar industry today, a position they do not look to be losing any time soon.

JinkoSolar was the first Chinese PV manufacturer to receive the acclaimed Q+ Certification, which stands as proof of their dedication to quality and safety, which has seen them put every product they produce through stringent quality control tests. For the past five years, they have not had a single module fail to achieve top marks in these tests.

Thanks to this reputation for quality, safety and durability, in addition to their extremely high levels of efficiency (most panels they produce surpassing the 20% efficiency glass ceiling), JinkoSolar solar modules are often used in premium solar installations and are an excellent choice for anyone who wants the best in solar. Read on to learn more about these modules.

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