Fronius Primo 5 Int (PRIMO 5.0-1 INT)

One of the latest additions to the SnapINverter range, the Fronius Primo boasts all of the ranges signature features, including: 97.8% maximum efficiency, free monitoring via the Solar.Web, Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with Fronius smart meters and an available extended warranty.

The SnapINverter range has a reputation for fantastic efficiency levels, and the Primo is by no means the exception to this rule, boasting an impressive maximum efficiency of 98.7%.

Add onto these already impressive efficiency levels, leading MPPT algorithms, which were only able to be developed thanks to Fronius’ years of experience in the industry and you end up with an inverter which extracts more kWh per kW than almost every other inverter currently available.

The system is also able to generate greater output levels in shaded conditions than traditional string inverters, thanks to the Dynamic Peak Manager. Thanks to its adaptability and astonishing reliability this system is an ideal choice for those areas in remote locations, or on the fringe of the grid, where system reliability is a must. Put on top of that Fronius’ Australian-based service team and you can rest easy knowing that if something does go wrong, you’ll be waiting mere days, not months, for a replacement.

The 5 kW Int model is perfect for most residential installations as well as small scale commercial installations.