Thanks to the Fronius Smart Meter, you can now monitor your energy production, usage, and export all in real-time. The smart way to monitor your energy, there’s no better choice on the market.

Fronius inverters, when coupled with the Fronius Smart Meter, record, collect and send information on your energy production, usage and export to the Fronius online monitoring platform, Solar.web. Using your smartphone or desktop, you can access this information, and use it to build an energy profile of your home in order to optimise your energy. 

Getting started couldn’t be simpler, all that’s required is a strong Wi-Fi signal where your inverter is installed and some excess space in your switchboard. It is also possible to connect your inverter directly to your network through an ethernet connection.

The Fronius Smart Meter, when combined with the Solar.web portal allows you to:

  • View energy production and consumption in real-time
  • Calculate your solar power savings
  • Optimise energy usage and lower electricity bills

Solar.web is Fronius’ online portal, available for free with any of their inverters. All Fronius inverters are shipped with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing easy access to this service. All that is required is a strong, internet-enabled Wi-Fi network at home, which the inverter can use to upload production data. Once it has been set up, you can view your system’s data on any device connected to the internet. Including Fronius Smart Meter adds consumption data to your Solar.web portal, providing you with a full breakdown of all aspects of your home’s solar energy. 

The Solar.web app is available for both iOS and Android and comes in a free version, as well as the Solar.web Pro app, which is approximately $5. This more comprehensive version allows for real-time monitoring and remote device control.

The Fronius Smart meter is a must if you are considering adding a battery later down the line. The monitoring data it gives you is absolutely essential when considering what size of battery you will require for your home. The Fronius Smart Meter is best fitted alongside a Fronius inverter, but is compatible with any inverter with an RS485 interface, and is available in both Single-Phase and Three-Phase models.


Monitoring Information